Archist is the leadig first and only Canadian Guild BIZBOK trainig for Certified Business Architect (CBA)

Comprehensive Course

Cross Your Journey to Excellence

The ultimate business architecture training package at an unbeatable price.

Two-day virtual instructor-led course covering entire BIZBOK® Guide plus many real-life examples, a case study walk-through, and an optional half-day one-on-one mentoring session

Fun and engaging quiz gameplay throughout the course based on research on positive learning and engagement techniques

Over 500 practice questions in a series of mock-up exams with results categorized based on the official CBA® exam content

All of our trainees who have pursued the CBA®  designation have successfully achieved the certification.

Taught by a 10+ years discipline expert, a BIZBOK® Guide primary contributor, and one of the first CBA® designation holders

Seats left: 3 out of 5

February 5 & 8, 2021

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Our many referred clients and testimonials speak to the quality and value of our delivery. 

"Overall, we loved the course. It was as described and a bit more and all were glad to have participated - and identify what work awaits for us ahead." A Business Architecture Manager in a large department at the Government of Canada

"The Business Architecture Course was comprehensive. The instructor was knowledgeable and very comfortable with the course content and the BIZBOK Guide itself. I loved that the class size was small enough to dedicate one-on-one instructor time throughout the course. The additional one on one workshop was also helpful as it assisted me in immediate application of the course material. I am certain it has given me the knowledge to pass the Business Architecture Certification." A business architecture practitioner at a provincial crown corporation

"Instructor’s presentation style and voice kept the riveting engagement for two days with this on-line course. Clear and concise information that presented complex concepts in an easy to follow pattern. Very experienced practical information from an instructor that demonstrated his depth of practical experience. Small number of students, pace and opportunities to ask questions made the course easy to follow and stay engaged. I would recommend the course for people to understand business architecture concepts or people who may have been practicing to understand where else they can take these skills. Now I have the information to take the exam and more importantly be an evangelist for business architecture within my organization." An Account Manager in an insurance division of one of the big 5 Canadian banks

"The course was really interesting and very informative. It has been an excellent way to learn more in depth about Business Architecture with a combination of theory and practical application of concepts. It has been really useful with detailed data and hands-on and even management of work has also been taught simultaneously helping in raising the BA practice maturity level. Style of training has been uplifting and stimulating along with excellent training manuals and presentation." Head of Enterprise Architecture Practice at a multinational shipping company in the Middle East

"With any online course training you have a 50/50 chance of it being engaging. The training delivered by Archist was not only engaging, but also incredibly useful. By having an instructor who was very much a part of the industry, we were able to go above and beyond textbook and have exposure to real world problems and scenarios." A consulting company in Canada

"We really found the training useful and I am recommending that my two other staff attend the next public session." A Strategy & Innovation Director in one of the big 5 Canadian banks

"The course was incredibly helpful and the instructor was very engaging, both in his delivery and in response to our seemingly-never-ending questions. We had already been immersed in developing a business architecture for a large department in the federal government. While we felt we were creating valuable content as described in the BIZBOK, the course provided both confirmation and new insights into how we could improve our approach and document our results. You might be interested to know that we have been using that insight since the moment the course ended, with great success! While there is still a lot more we need to do to complete our business architecture journey with the department, I feel much more confident that we'll deliver a product of significant quality and great value; thanks to the Archist course and the instructor's delivery. I wish Archist great success and will certainly recommend you and your courses to anyone interested in pursuing business architecture." A seasoned Business Transformation Consultant in the Government of Canada

"I wrote my exam yesterday and I have received my certification. Your 2 days of training was a very effective approach to obtaining." A Business Architecture Senior Manager in one of the big 5 Canadian banks

"Having used the BIZBOK as the basis for business architecture for a large government client for a year, I realized that there were gaps in my understanding of how all the pieces fit together. The two-day course filled in those gaps very well.  The instructor delivered the material very well with terrific examples from his own work.  As a contributor to the BIZBOK, he has a deep understanding of the BIZBOK and the nuances in applying the techniques. On top of that, he has a very good manner for delivering a course over the Web - just the right pace with a clear speaking voice.  It was a very enjoyable two days." A seasoned consultant in the Government of Canada

"The instructor is a very passionate trainer, senior business architect and has ability to explain complex concepts in a simplistic but thorough manner with his knowledge, skills and experience. The training material was very useful and I am looking forward to sitting for CBA exam after 2 days of intense but insightful training. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to start out and learn Business Architecture" A Chief Technology Officer in construction industry in Australia

"I really enjoyed the course offered by Archist for the Business Architecture. The instructor not only captivated my attention and answered all my questions, but also had extensive experience and his knowledge of the material was so clear. I found the pace was great for me and the one-on-one interactions and discussions added a great deal of clarifications, experience and expertise to the subject.  Thank you very much for a great class taught by a seasoned and knowledgeable instructor." A Senior Business Analyst in the Government of Canada

"The Business Architecture Comprehensive Course delivered by Archist (Canada) is a world-class training helps to obtain a comprehensive, in-depth and integrated understanding of business architecture. It also helps to understand how this discipline (domain) interacts with other disciplines such as business analysis or domains. The training material and the Guild reference material are exceptional. The engaging instructor demonstrated extensive knowledge and experiences in BA, and was able to [relate to] other related disciplines or areas. He also provided additional reference material based on questions received. Archist also offered an additional individual coaching at no cost to help me to prepare for the CBA exam. I highly recommend this course and Archist. Thanks Archist." A Manager in transformation projects in the Government of Canada

"This two day course provides valuable information on Business Architecture.  From understanding the value of business architecture, to the important components needed to set up a business architecture discipline, and finally, how it relates to many other disciplines.  This material allowed me to finally join all the dots.  I also appreciated that this course is delivered by an expert that is well grounded.  His real life examples really helped me understand some of the complexities and more importantly that one size does not fit all when it comes to business architecture.  A key message I took away is that a pragmatic approach is needed to ensure that business architecture deliverables bring value to the business and enterprise." A Manager in an  Enterprise Architecture Division in the Government of Canada

"The slides and materials provided were very useful [to pass the CBA® exam]." An independent consultant in one of the big 5 Canadian banks

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